da Vinci Papers , October 2017

Fountain City Art Center, 213 Hotel Ave., Knoxville, TN 37918

Christmas Market and Tea: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Saturday, December 2, 2017 

The Fountain City Art Center is planning to hold a sale of hand-crafted gifts on Saturday, December 2 from 10 AM to 3 PM. At the same time guests could choose to have a slice of quiche with hot tea or hot spiced cider at a festively decorated table. This fundraising event has been proposed by FCAC Board Secretary and craft-enthusiast Margaret Sidenstick. Other FCAC Board members have volunteered to make various types of quiche. If you plan to eat, please RSVP at least two weeks in advance and give a time when you would like to be served. We can accommodate up to 12 at a time. The cost for the quiche and tea is $10. During part of the event, we will be able to enjoy music from the LeGrand Music Studio, also located on site.

The FCAC Board is calling for handmade gifts to sell at the event. We will have hand-made books by Bob Meadows, crocheted and knitted items, jewelry, cards of old Fountain City, wooden items, etc. Some of these items will be donated. We also encourage artists/crafters to bring items for sale and pay a fee of $15 for a card-table-sized space to display; a donation of 15% of sales would also be welcomed after the event. FCAC Volunteers will handle all sales, so crafters do not have to be on hand during the event. The space for handmade gifts for sale will be limited, so reserve space for your craft gifts now! Just bring in or email jpegs of three or more examples of what you would be selling. Mail in or bring by a check for $15 to FCAC, 213 Hotel Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37918. No spaces will be sold after Nov. 17

We would also appreciate donated boxes that are the size of books, cards, jewelry, crocheted hats and scarves, and other relatively small items. We will offer a free gift wrapping service for items purchased on December 2, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Paper and gift tags will be free; large handmade bows will be on sale for $3 as long as they last.

 Beginning January, 2018, Director Will Be Part-Time                                 

All FCAC Members Need to Read the Following Information:

At the FCAC Annual Membership Meeting in July, Board members and other FCAC members in attendance received a presentation of the past year’s Profit and Loss and voted on the Proposed Budget for FY 2017-2018. Director Sylvia Williams asked the Board, not for the first time, to consider cutting her salary and her hours to part-time status. Now that we no longer have the larger fundraisers, we must find ways to cut back dramatically on expenses. The Board agreed to cut the Director’s hours to 20 per week and to cut the annual salary by $11,150. The Director suggested several other ways that we can immediately save money: Reducing the size of show invitations will save $400 or more per year; reducing the amount of food purchased for exhibit opening receptions will save about $300 per year. We may consider cutting back on the printing of newsletters and other materials at the end of the fiscal year in July 2018 if necessary, and asking for members to bring reception food items for shows not already covered by members of the exhibiting groups or by the entry fees.

We desperately need more front desk volunteers! Beginning in January, the Director will only be present at FCAC on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays, and on Thursday mornings. If we cannot recruit more volunteers for especially Thursday afternoons and Fridays, we will have to lock the front doors on Thursday afternoons and have late students enter the back classroom by the side door. Without two volunteers Friday mornings and two volunteers Friday afternoons, we will need to keep the Center closed on Fridays. A volunteer cannot be on his or her own in the Art Center on any day or at any time while we are open to the public. The Executive Director and the FCAC Board of Directors feel strongly about enforcing this policy in order to keep all our volunteers safe. We also need a pool of substitute volunteers who can be called by regularly scheduled volunteers when they have a sudden illness, an emergency, or need to go on vacations, etc. If you are able to volunteer, email the Director: or call (865)357-2787. We’ll arrange a time for training.

Parkside Open Door Gallery, Inc., DBA the Parkside Gift Shop, has no volunteers among its 24 members other than those who already volunteer regularly at the front desk (Sue Lane, Mary Secrist, and Bob Meadows), the possibility of locking our doors on some Thursday afternoons and some Fridays may affect sales and deter potential customers.

LeGrand Music Studio will not be affected because the music students know to ring the door chime when they come for individual lessons after hours or any time the door is locked. We made the changes to our security system specifically because the Music Studio lessons continue until up to 9 PM some evenings and also on weekends. Music instructors and music students are present on many occasions when no one can be at the front desk to monitor who comes and goes. The new security system allows music instructors keyless electronic entry when the Center is closed to the general public. Members should also know that LeGrand Music Studio continues to grow steadily more successful and is about to implement a program known as “Music Together” which is specifically designed for children and parents together. For more information:;; like us on Facebook: legrandmusicstudio; Phone: (865)686-2067; follow us on Twitter: LeGrand_Music.

Be sure to check out the exhibit and concert schedule for the remainder of 2017 and for 2018, included in this issue of the da Vinci Papers.

Please Show Appreciation for Our Volunteers, Editorial Note, Sylvia Wms.

As has been said many times before, the Fountain City Art Center could not and will not survive without volunteers, and we have made it into our fourteenth year only because we do still have some extremely dedicated volunteers. Some of them have been volunteering continuously since the beginning. Several are here every week or even more than once a week. Although we have given them a few plaques, gift certificates, and other tokens, they volunteer because they really believe in the Arts.  They believe in the friendships, the inspiration, the comfort and the hope that is, for many members, found at FCAC.

I’d especially like to thank Cathy Carl and Susie Smith for spending hours and hours weeding even though they both have serious pain in their hands. Any volunteer whom you see working in the yard or in the Art Center, thank them! They are the GREATEST!!!!! Thank you as well to Linda Wise for spending part of her volunteer day (third Thursday mornings) pulling weeds.

Thank you to Mary Secrist for purchasing cleaning supplies, sweeping the floors, picking up yard debris, and taking out the accumulated trash on Tuesdays. Thank you to Charlotte Walton for sweeping and vacuuming and for bringing in maintenance supplies. Thank you, Marilyn Ivey, as well, for bringing in maintenance supplies. Thanks, Dave Sprague, for changing the worktable paper in the back classroom and addressing envelopes. Thank you, Jan Bolus, for donating new black plastic table coverings for the front area worktables.

Thanks to Volunteers for the Dinner & Concert       

Hostus with the Mostus, John Peterson, once more invited FCAC to hold a small fundraiser at Ivy Hill Farm, his indescribably beautiful home, gardens, and stables. Bob Meadows, Michael Meadows, and Suzanne Meadows all helped put the dinner together. Michael was the talented chef. Andy LeGrand,

Jacquie Brecheen, and Julie Belanger Roy performed before the dinner and after. The only sad part was that only 8 people signed up to attend. What an opportunity missed, as we who went in the spring can attest. The effort was a real labor of love for Bob Meadows who has been almost totally incapacitated for the past ten weeks with his back pain. I hope everyone appreciates our volunteers’ and friends’ efforts on special occasions like these.

Thank you to some of our longtime volunteers who have been at the front desk and/or on the Board of Directors since 2004/2005 to the present.

Mary Secrist                   Charlotte Walton              Christine S. Harness     Jean Payne                Kenneth W. Clayton, Jr.                 Sue W. Lane       Penny Berridge                  David Smith                           Linda Wise        Meadows, Bob

Volunteers signing up in more recent years: Dave Sprague, Jan Bolus, Kit Brown, Jo Marie Brotherton 

– Outstanding past volunteers who contributed huge amounts of time:Liz Curry (12 ½ years every Thursday!), Kathryn Holt, Jo Ann Cooper (may be back), Jean Loupe, Maureen Lucas, Pat Tarver, Louise Tremblay, Janet Trewhitt, Toni Nicholson, Marsha Layman, Mary Wilbourn, Barbara Gregory Messer, Sonji Bennett; Board members: Jacquie Bell, Steve Coker, Nancy Webb, Nan Scott, Clifton Medlock, Lanelle Holley, Ginger Baxter, Brenda Moulton, Joan Ward, Sally Robinette, Jean Greer, Cathy Dodge; Mary Baumgartner

Welcome to our new FCAC members this quarter: Linda Lawson, Marlitt Chadwell, Dee Dee Diener, Dana Lamb, Cathy Irby, Joyce Harrell, Diane Goins, Jane Barnes, Tommy Wilson, Ginger Williams, Gayla Davis, and Jane Tucker.

Thank you to renewing members: Jean and Gene Payne, and Linda Crouch for renewing as “Friends”; to Candee Reaves for rejoining as “Patron”; and to Harold Elkins, Sally Robinette, and Nancy Sharp Voith for renewing as “Sponsors.”

– Sarah Jenkins made a monetary gift in memory of her son Richard “Rick” Jenkins. Jann Bohnenberger made a monetary gift in honor of Sylvia Williams. Janet Trewhitt made a donation to the Jack Fuson Permanent Collection Fund, honoring Jo Marie Brotherton. 

Thank you to all those members who gave so generously to help with the roof repairs, the new alarm system, the new LED lights in the kitchen, anf the laptop and Quick Books software:

Mary Baumgartner, Mary Secrist, Holland and Jamie Rowe, Kay Jursik, Maggie Badal, Charlotte Walton, Dr. Joe W. Black, Jr., Leslie McDonough, Sharon and Gary Henderson, and Mary Fran Yost. 

Concerning members who have been very ill or have had recent surgery:. At this time, we have an unusually large number of members who are or have been very ill or have recently lost a family member. You may prefer your privacy, but if you need help from your fellow members or someone to talk to, please let us know. Several updates: Chloe Harrington is home and slowly recovering from pneumonia. Bob Meadows is still out with back pain, waiting to see a neurologist or neurosurgeon now that he has finally had diagnostic tests made.


Congratulations to FCAC Members on the 11th Annual Show

An opening reception was held for the 11th Annual FCAC membership show on September 22. We thank our judges for donating their services: Charles E. Williams, Jr. and Kenneth W. Clayton, Jr. Awards were as follows: Best of Show was awarded to Lee Edge for “Nisa la Bella,” watercolor; Director’s Award chosen by the judges on this occasion) went to “From the Heart,” a watercolor by Kate Aubrey; Best Watercolor:  “Seeking the Answer,”  by Paula Browning; Best Acrylic or Oil: “Come on Already, Time to Go,” by Dawn Holbert; Best Mixed Media, “The Nebulae,” by Kay Jursik; Best Stone, Metal or Wood: “Enchantment,” a wood intarsia by Arlene Sprague; Best Miscellaneous 3-D, “Art: A Collection of Quotes,” a handmade book by Bob Meadows; Honorable Mentions were awarded to Gayla Davis, Shirlene Copeland, Liz Etnier, and Christine Harness.

The show will be on view through November 2. Congratulations to all the participants! This exhibit is wonderfully diverse; it is really inspirational to see how so many of our students, members, and instructors have progressed over the years and have obviously branched out to try new techniques and subject matter. Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next!


FCAC Calendar 2018

Thank you for Participating, Members!

We decided to hold a contest for artwork to be selected to go in the FCAC 2018 Calendar. Fountain City Art Center members voted on the pieces they believed would be best for a calendar. All funds raised by the sales of the calendar will go towards paying operational costs for the Art Center. We have had 85 orders and are ready to go to press! You’ll receive an email when the calendars arrive. United Graphics, a local printer, expects the order to take up to 3 weeks.

A small reception was held on September 15 to announce your selection of paintings and one photo for the calendar. We had a tie for the last calendar space, but the calendar includes even these two tied entries. “Snow in Butcher Hollow,” an original oil painting by Aurora Bull, graces the cover of the calendar; that honor goes to the entry with the most votes. The others chosen by the membership and appearing in the calendar were works by: Chris Rohwer, Mary Secrist, Judy Bolinger, Christine Harness, Carol Roy, Penny Berridge, Nan Scott, Pauletta Thomas, Stan Kelly, Kate McCullough, Betty Klindt, and Shannon Beal. You have all “done us proud.” Calendars are $25 for one and $20 for two or more.

America: Its Land, Its People,” January 12 – March 1, 2018

The January Theme Show Is Open to All Artists in All Media 

Help us spread the word about our theme show, the first exhibit of the New Year! FCAC members chose: “America, Its Land, Its People,” as the theme for all entries. Entry Guidelines and Forms can be found on our website: or obtained at the Art Center near the front desk. Forms can also be emailed or mailed. Entry information (titles, name of artist, medium/media, price/NFS) will be accepted now through January 5. When the entry info is received, artists will receive an entry number. Artists may enter one or two works, $20 per entry. FCAC members pay $15 per entry. Cash prizes will be awarded by the judge or judges. We do not yet have judges for the show. The opening reception for the show is Friday, January 12, 6:30 – 8:00 PM. Those entering the show should be 18 years of age or have special permission from the FCAC Board of Directors. You have three months left to prepare an entry! Don’t let the show creep up on you!

Posted: 10-11-2017


The da Vinci Papers, July 2017



The Annual FCAC Membership Meeting

 This year’s FCAC Membership and Board meeting will be held on Monday, July 10 at the Fountain City Art Center from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. Light refreshments will be served from 6:30 to about 6:50 PM. At 7 PM the meeting will be called to order.

The Proposed Annual Budget will be reviewed for FY 2017-2018. Those present at the meeting can suggest changes before the vote to accept the proposed budget. At the same time, the Financial Statement for FY 2016-2017 will be examined and a vote will be taken to accept the report as it stands or to ask first for corrections or clarifications.

The final segment of the program will be devoted to the recognition of our volunteers. Some awards will be announced for those outstanding volunteers who have given extra measures of their time and talents. Some FCAC members have already given their RSVP’s to the Director for the Annual Meeting. If you plan to attend, you must RSVP in advance so that we can arrange the correct amount of chairs and refreshments for everyone present.

Seeking Donations: We Need Help with Roof Repairs & Other Maintenance Costs

FCAC is in the middle of paying for a number of repairs and updates which have to be addressed, regardless of the fact that we can’t actually afford to pay for these items without totally depleting our emergency savings account.

The butterfly architectural style used for our Art Center building is beautiful, but it is also a design notorious for trapping excess water and causing wood to rot.  Just look up at the underside of the overhang at the front door to see some devastating damage. Also look at the four corners where the drains are located. We are not just having the damage repaired, but our chosen construction company has also devised a plan to help prevent further damage to the roof and drainage system in the future. The cost will be: $4,488.24. We have already made a down payment of $500. Any donations toward this important repair work would be much appreciated, no matter what the amount might be. As most of you know, almost all of our fundraising events have been terminated due to lack of attendance. Your donations will be recognized with a charitable deduction letter issued by FCAC; we are recognized by the IRS as a 501( c )3 nonprofit org.

In the month of June, we halved the cost of a new security system with LeGrand Music Studio so that we could keep students, instructors, and artwork safer when classes are going on after hours and the Art Center is closed to the public. We can now let students in but keep the general public out so that we don’t have to hire someone to sit at the front desk for hours in the evenings. Our portion of the costs for the new system was a little over $800.

We have also just spent $615 to have 18 LED lights installed in the main classroom since so many bulbs had burnt out. We are going to have to replace the 9-year-old laptop and buy a new version of Quick Books compatible with newer computers. These additional office expenses will cost  about $600.

Stan is the MAN!

 The Art Center never had a golf tournament as a fund raiser until Stan Kelly put one together for us last year. This year, Stan Kelly put on a second very successful FCAC Par-3 Golf Tournament at Beverly Place Golf Course off Tazewell Pike on Saturday morning, June 17. He spent several months seeking sponsors and players for the event. Mary Secrist and Polly Kelly helped serve the players after the tournament. We don’t yet know the exact total from the golf games, but Stan raised $1,700 from sponsors before the games. Most of the sponsors didn’t want to be publicly recognized, but we do want to thank some of our members who contributed sponsorship money: Tracy Gray, Liz Curry, Robert and Helen Temple, Linda and Steve Wise, Chris and Robin M. Rohwer, Dan Kelly, Polly Kelly, and Stan Kelly.


FCAC 12th Annual Open Show

Friday, July 14, we will have a reception and an awards presentation for the 12th Annual Open Show. It will be on exhibit through August 10, 2017. Both 2-D and 3-D work may be entered, no more than two entries per artists. Open Show entry forms and guidelines are at the front table at the Art Center, online at our website, available by email and by US mail. Please give the Director your title, medium and price/NFS by July 7, noon, and bring in entries on Tuesday, July 11 between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Dr. Chad Airhart of Carson Newman’s Art Department will be judging the show.

Fountain City Art Guild’s Spring Show and Sale 

The Guild’s most recent show, June 9 – July 6, has been considered the best Guild show years by many observers. The judges for the show were Martha Hall and Ann Birdwell. Awards were as follows:

– Best of Show: Watercolor by Leslie McDonough, “The Jubilee

– 1st Place: Pine needle, gourd and “shed antler” sculpture, “Renaissance II,” by Marty McConnaughey

– 2nd Place: Watercolor, “Mary’s Morning Walk,” by Leslie McDonough

– 3rd Place: Watercolor, “Boxcar Billboard,” by Kate McCullough

– Honorable Mention: Watercolor, “The Other Bangkok,” by Jeanne Dole

– Honorable Mention: Watercolor, ”A Rainy Day on Market Square,” by Kate McCullough

– Honorable Mention: Watercolor, “Frog Reflections,” by Tracy Gray

Congratulations to Guild members for a very impressive show!


FCAC Members Only: Calendar Art Competition

Two years ago, we held a calendar art competition and produced an FCAC Calendar with artwork from 13 artists. This 2018 calendar would be the 5th official FCAC calendar fundraiser. The calendar would be available this fall in plenty of time for Christmas gifts. Here’s the really good part: You can enter any piece of artwork, 2-D or 3-D, even if it has been in an FCAC exhibit before. Of course, it cannot be a piece which already appeared in a previous FCAC calendar. The picture format or art object has to be something which can be photographed for a landscape (horizontal) position that can be enlarged proportionally for an 8 ½” x 11” space without cropping off too much of the work. Members may enter  one or two pieces; each entry will be $15 to help defray the cost of the reception at the end of the show, Friday, September 15, 6:30 – 8:00 PM. During the reception, we will announce the artwork chosen for the calendar.  Judy Brater’s most recent FCAC students will be showing their pottery at the same time, August 15 – September 15  and will also be invited to the closing night reception, of course.

Bring in your entries on Tuesday, August 15 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM or Wednesday the 16th, same time. Pay by check, cash, debit or credit card. The pottery show exhibiters will not be charged a fee unless entering the calendar contest, but donations for the reception would be welcomed.

Artwork will be judged by the FCAC Board members who are not entering the contest and also by FCAC members who are not in the competition.

Children’s Art Classes and Grant-Funded Camps

At FCAC, the summer vacation season begins with our grant-funded art camp week. Children from Brickey-McCloud, Inskip, Sterchi, and Adrian Burnett were chosen by their art instructors to enjoy a week of arts and crafts activities made possible by a $1,000 grant from the Gene and Florence Monday Foundation and by an $855 grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission, administered by the Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance. Those children enrolled would not be able to take the art classes without the grant scholarships. Jan Bolus taught the 19 students with assistance from her sister Sharon Henderson.

Jan is also teaching the regular children’s summer art classes here at FCAC June 22- July 20 on Thursday mornings from 10:30 – 11:45 AM for $125 including materials. This year’s art camp theme is “Looney Birds.” Students will be making t-shirts, marionettes, a weaving project, a bird mask, and a watercolor painting.


Welcome New Art Center Members Mid-April to Mid- June, 2017:

  • Gary Bolduc, Ken Anderson, Liz Etnier, Cricket Chamberlain, Barbara R. Peters, Allene Burnett, and Monty and Dorothy Montgomery. Thank you to Aleex Conner and to Melinda Davis, both for renewing as Benefactors! Much thanks to Charles and Kathy Harrington who renewed as Sponsors, to Karen and Stephen Goldman who renewed as Patrons, to Ann Peterson, Robin M. and Chris Rohwer and to Myron Ely who renewed as Friends of the Art Center. A Big Thank You to Reggie and Sheryl Sallie and  Jean Conner who donated generously for operating expenses when they renewed their memberships.
  • We should all try to send cards, express sympathy, offer help, or call FCAC members we know when they are going through difficult times. We need to keep others informed whenever possible, too. Christine and Ralph Harness’s daughter Coletta’s husband Stephen passed away June 14; if you know Christine and Ralph, let them know you are thinking of them. Their son-in-law was diagnosed as terminally ill in December, 2016. The Harnesses are a very tight-knitted, large, extended family, but what they have been through with their daughter has been difficult. The Art Center family can be comforting, too, at times like this.-
  • Thank you for Your Gifts Honoring Art Center Members: Chloe Harrinton, who just turned 101 years young, donated funds to FCAC in honor of Charlotte Walton, Lanelle Holly, and Sylvia Williams. Barbara Gregory-Messer also donated funds to honor Sylvia Williams.

-Enormous THANK YOU’S to the Businesses and Organizations Which Support FCAC:

– The Gene & Florence Monday Foundation                   – John Carrier CPA Firm

– The Arts & Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville      – The City of Knoxville

– The Tennessee Arts Commission                                   – Home Federal Bank


Please Help FCAC through Kroger and AmazonSmile.Com!

Time to Renew Your Charitable Org. Choice with Kroger

There are TWO ways to REALLY help FCAC with absolutely no cost to you. First, if you already shop at Kroger, either go on line at or call 1-800-576-4377 and choose option 3. All you need is the Art Center’s Kroger Rewards registration number: 75343 and the customer ID number on your Kroger scan card. For every $100 you spend at Kroger, FCAC receives .05%. If you already named FCAC as your choice with Kroger, PLEASE BE SURE to RENEW your charitable org. affiliation right now in JULY, or in AUGUST at the latest. Kroger requires that you register every fiscal year. The whole process should only take a few minutes and costs you NOTHING. The program does NOT affect your fuel rewards points.

The second way to help FCAC is through your online shopping with, a program which never ever costs you a penny, but it does donate small percentages to your chosen charitable organization every time you shop at Amazon. You will only have to register the one time for Fountain City Art Center with Amazon. To register, go online and enter: “http// Look for “Find Your Charitable Organization” and click on “Register Now.” Type in Fountain City Art Center and click on “register”. Just be sure you go to Amazon Smile every time you begin shopping on If you need help, the Director Sylvia Williams or Volunteer Charlotte Walton, here on Wednesday mornings, would be glad to guide you through the steps to register. THANK YOU!!!

FCAC Always Needs In-Kind Donations:

– HP LaserJet P1102w, toner cartridge 85A;

– HP Envy 4520 ink jet cartridges no. 63 for Color and B&W- TP & Paper Towels

– Business Envelopes

– Stamps

– Coffee, creamer


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misc-008  misc-006

THE DA VINCI PAPERS for October, 2016

BIG BOO BINGO BASH! Saturday, October 22, 6:30 PM

This year’s fall fund raiser, “Big Boo Bingo Bash,” will be held on Saturday, October 22 beginning at 6:30 PM with a dinner buffet catered by Big Fatty’s with BBC sliders, baked beans, potato salad and banana pudding. After eating, we’ll begin the bingo games and trivia questions. Prizes will be handed out to winners after each bingo game and at the end of the night for the art trivia contest best score. Everyone is highly encouraged to come in costume in the spirit of Halloween, but dressing up is not mandatory. Best costume will also receive a prize. You can sit with a table of friends, six to each table recommended. Reservations must be made and paid in advance at $35 per person or $210 for a table of six. We will have a cash bar with wine, beer, and some mixed drinks. No UT football on the day or night of the Bingo Bash! Deadline to RSVP and pay is October 8. We must have 30 guests to hold the party, so don’t wait until the last minute to let us know that you plan on coming     


Fall and Winter Exhibiting Opportunities for Everyone! Mark the Dates!!!

The 10th Annual Fountain City Art Center Members’ Show will be on exhibit October 14 – November 10. Turn in your title, medium, and sale price for each entry and get your entry numbers before the end of the day, Friday, Oct. 7. Bring in artwork Tuesday, October 11, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Our members’ show is just for FCAC members, but you can express yourself in any medium you like! See complete details on our website or pick up entry forms at the Art Center. Forms have been emailed to members several times, but you can always make a special request by email or by phone.

Fountain City Art Guild members have their own shows at the Center spring and fall. New member applications are accepted at the Monday meeting before each of these shows. Forms are available at the Art Center or can be emailed or found at the Fountain City Art Guild website. The Guild’s Holiday Show and Sale will be on exhibit November 18, 2016 – January 12, 2017.

Last but not least, the annual theme show is held in January. The theme voted on by the FCAC membership is “Just Imagine.” Your deadline for entering title, medium, and price info is Friday, January 13, 2017. Bring in your entries on Tuesday, January 17. Again, any medium is accepted. The focus for the judges will be on how cleverly the artists interpret the theme. This theme show is open to everyone, in the area, not just FCAC members! Forms and guidelines can be obtained at the Art Center and also on our website. The reception will be held at 6:30 PM on Friday, January 20. Contact info:;; 865-357-2787.

Foothills Craft Guild Exhibit Celebrates the Guild’s 50th Anniversary!

FCAC members still have a little time left to come by and enjoy the most spectacular Foothills Craft Guild display ever mounted at the Fountain City Art Center! Some of the pieces on display are part of the Guild’s permanent collection. Over 50 artists have work in the show. About 70% of the pieces on display are for sale. Jim Gentry worked for three days to assemble the exhibit, assisted by Renita Andrews and Julia Malia. We had an excellent turn out for reception, and the most frequent comment about the exhibit was about what an outstanding job Jim had done on the layout of the show. Make time to see the exhibit before it closes on October 6! 

Are You “Crafty”? Then These Activities Are for YOU!

 #1 Please contact Marsha Layman if you would like to join us in the creation of some artful handmade laminated bookmarks. You would be bringing materials that you have at hand to add to what others bring and what we have available at the Art Center. Marsha tells us that across the country, people are making bookmarks and leaving them as free gifts in libraries, doctor’s offices, etc. to encourage the love of art and the joy of reading. We can also mention the Art Center somewhere on the bookmark with contact info. The first proposed date for a bookmark making session is 10 AM to whenever on Saturday, October 8 here at FCAC. You must RSVP Marsha or the Director so we will know whether or not anyone plans to attend:;

#2 On December 3, we are planning to hold another Holiday Art Blitz from 10 AM to 4 PM:Everyone is invited to come to the Center to make small Holiday gifts for $5 each ranging from jewelry and decorated tiles to decorative credit card or gift card holders and tree and package ornaments. We are definitely looking for Art Center volunteers who would be willing to donate time and materials and creative ideas to th workshop. We also plan to offer home baked goodies like cookies, fudges, cakes, and pies. If you want to be a part of the fund raising activities, please contact Margaret Sidenstick,; Bob Meadows:; or Sylvia Williams at We are still looking for activity ideas, and we especially need to know who is interested in participating in this enjoyable day that will be sure to get you in the mood for the holidays!!!

Take Advantage of Tuesday Night Camaraderie: Remember that on Tuesday nights, a really great set of members gets together in the back room from around 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM, no charge, just “open studio.” Part of the time attendees bring their own project of any kind, whether it is painting, beading, making a book, knitting, crocheting, sewing, or whatever they want to work on. Sometimes, one person has something new to share and might bring materials for a project which is not mandatory, of course. Most of all, these members are terrific, creative, enthusiastic people who have a lot of fun being together. All FCAC members are welcome. If interested, email Bob Meadows:

LeGrand Music Studio Continues to Grow: Our community has an incredible resource and a true asset in LeGrand Music Studios. If you would like to join the Community Choir or enroll in music lessons, contact Andy LeGrand: (865) 686-2067,; or  The choir meets Tuesday evenings at Fountain City Art Center. Music lessons are available in guitar, piano, voice, violin, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, clarinet, French horn, and flute. Andy has contacts for other instrumental lessons as well. The Center is closed to the public on Sundays and Mondays, but the Music Studio will now be offering some lessons on Mondays.

Perilous Oak Limbs and Relentless Weeds!  During the most recent meeting of our FCAC Board of Directors, concerns were expressed about a huge oak limb in the front of our building. This limb extends over the roof and would cause some very, very serious damage if it were to fall. When trees fell in the front and the back on our roof in 2005 and 2009, the cost to repair the roof and other parts damaged was $20,000 and $25,000. Insurance paid for most of the repairs, but took anywhere from three months to six months to be completed due to the difficulty in finding the size and type of wood beams used in 1962 in the original construction. Our first insurance company understandably jettisoned us as customers. Our current insurance provider has actually reduced our rates every year since we have had no claims since taking out a policy. We’d kind of like to keep it that way! Therefore, we are taking bids to have the limb removed as a smart preventative measure. If anyone who would like to contribute funds specifically for this purpose, please do! We would be grateful for any amount because every $10 does add up! Help us hire someone to safely take on this project. Suggestions are also welcome. We will refer to any contributions for this project as “When the Bough Breaks.”  Nice and corny!

From June to September, we had three of six flower beds and the fenced in HVAC area weeded at a cost of $420, $20 per hour. The work has been tough to accomplish due to the constant heat and humidity during most of this past summer. Until five years ago, two volunteers and the Director were able to keep things in good shape, and then we also had Cathy Carl and Christine Harness helping tremendously in the years that followed. Due to various health and time constraints, none of us are currently able to tackle the weed growth. We really need to keep a fund going for hiring people to do the weeding. Eastwood Landscaping does an excellent job with the mowing and trimming for the Park and for us, but they don’t do weeding. We also could really use a considerable amount of mulch to spread around in the flower and shrub beds. Our azaleas, bulbs, and perennials need some protection from extreme heat and cold. We realize that this is asking for a lot of help and expense, but when an organization is a small income nonprofit, what else can we do but ask, hope, and dream!

Love Your Art Center! Charlotte Walton, as most of you know, has organized a drive to get members to sign up with Kroger for the Community Rewards Program which gives cash to a 501( c )3 of a shopper’s choice by setting aside one half percent for every $100 spent. The money is then sent to the charitable organization at the end of each quarter. We made over $550 this past quarter thanks to the 71 people signed up! If you shop at Kroger and still haven’t signed up to help, contact Charlotte Walton ( or Sylvia Williams ( if you need help registering FCAC as your designated charity. Our Kroger No. is: 75343. If you don’t want to register on line, you can call 1-800-576-4377 and select option 3.You can also go to and register Fountain City Art Center as your designated charity. Only a few of you have so far. You have to click on the charitable donation choice every time you shop at Amazon through the Amazon Smile charitable donations program, but it so worth it for FCAC!!! Again, if you have trouble, Charlotte and Sylvia can help!

Marsha Layman, Marilyn Ivy, Ann Ricker, Liz Curry, Penny Berridge, and Charlotte Walton constantly donate thoughtful items we need like TP, paper towels, coffee, 8 oz. Styrofoam cups, coffee, creamer, envelopes, and Xerox paper. THANK YOU!!!

 For at least the next few years, we have plenty of paper clips and sticky notes. Our greatest need continues to be for ink cartridges, black or tri-color, HP inkjet 63XL; and toner cartridges, HP 85A.

Volunteering: Contact Sylvia Williams if you would be interested in volunteering for one or more days a week at the Art Center front desk or the Parkside Gift Shop desk:; (865)357-2787. Most volunteer shifts are about 4 hours at a time. We LOVE our VOLUNTEERS!!!!


  FCAC Art Exhibitions Through Jan. 2018; Receptions on Fridays, 6:30 – 8:00 PM

– Oct. 14 – Nov. 10, 2016: “FCAC Annual Members’ Show;” Reception: Oct. 14, 2016

– Nov. 7, 2016: LeGrand Music Studio Student Recital, 5:30 PM

– Nov. 18 – Jan, 12, 2017: “Fountain City Art Guild Holiday Show and Sale;” Reception: Nov. 11, 2016; Knox Co. Student Show: Kate McCullough’s watercolor students! 

– Dec. 10, 2016: LeGrand Music Studio Christmas Music Concert

Jan. 20 – Mar. 2, 2017: Theme Show “Just Imagine,” open to ALL artists! Reception: Jan. 20.

– Mar. 10 – Apr. 6, 2017: K’ville Book Arts Guild & So. Appalachian Nature Photo.; Reception: Mar. 10.

 – April 12 – April 21, 2017: Central High School National Art Honor Society;   Reception: April 13 or 14.

  April 28 – June 1, 2017: Knoxville Watercolor Society; Reception: April 28. 

June 9 – July 6, 2017: Fountain City Art Guild Spring Show & Sale;  ReceptionJune 9

July 14 – Aug. 10, 2017: FCAC 12h Annual Open Show; Reception: July 14

Aug. 18 – Sept. 14, 2017: Foothills Craft Guild; Reception; August 18

Sept. 22 – Nov. 2, 2017:  FCAC 9th Annual Members’ Show; Reception Sept. 22

Nov. 10, 2017 – Jan. 5, 2018: Fountain City Art Guild Holiday Show & Sale; Reception: Nov. 10, 2017


About Members and Sponsors:

– The Fountain City Art Center wishes to thank two new $1,000 Benefactors: TN State Senator Richard M. Briggs, MD, and the Regal Foundation! They have both responded to our spring 2016 campaign to raise a safety net of savings for the future financial security of FCAC. We also thank the City of Knoxville for their generous grant of $1,500 toward our operating expenses!

Welcome New FCAC Members This Quarter: Judy Wayman and Sam Robinson, Mike Grabman, Jennifer McCall, Charlotte H. Klieman, MariclairTan, and Pam Wheeler!

Thank you to Sally Robinette, Pam Wheeler, Margie Jones, Nancy Webb, and Marshan Laymen for renewing or joining as Friends of FCAC. Very special thanks to Harold Ellis, CPA, for renewing as an FCAC Sponsor!!

Thank You  Corporate and Individual Sponsors: We especially appreciate John Carrier and Associates CPA Firm for our annual IRS Tax Return, the Monday Foundation and the TN Arts Commission for funding some of the children’s summer art camps, Peggy and Dick Borreson, for paying Dayton Pest Control to treat the Art Center once a quarter, and Knoxville City Council members for contributing funds to the Lions’ Club to help pay for lawn services for the Park and Art Center grounds.

Big thanks to all those who generously made donations this quarter: Ellen Bebb and Finbarr Saunders, Pat Thomas, Jamie and Holland Rowe, Mary Secrist, Charlotte Walton, Nancy Sharp Voith, Marilyn and Steve Pendleton, Mary Sanford, Carol Brenner, Dr. Nan Scott, Myron Ely, and Betty Klindt.

Under the Weather: Jo Ann Cooper will soon be undergoing shoulder surgery. We welcome back Mary Baumgartner who fell and had to have elbow surgery! She was out a little more than a month, and we have really missed her!

 – Very Special Heartfelt Condolences to: Susan and Bill Miller whose son passed away in mid September. We also send out our deepest sympathy, love and prayers to Fred Ellis and family; Anne “Annee” Ellis, Charter FCAC member and Fountain City Art Guild member, passed away unexpectedly. We Guild members will miss her terribly. She was a very kind and giving person, a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend, as well as a fine artist. 

In Memoriam: Sue W. Lane made a donation to Fountain City Art Center in memory of FCAC member Anne Ellis. Sarah Jenkins made a donation to FCAC in memory of her son Rick Jenkins.

Dick Penner made a donation in memory of Susan Becker. Joan MacReynolds made a donation in memory of Ron Williams.

END of the October, 2016, da Vinci Papers!


THE DA VINCI PAPERS  for July 2016

Children's art classes w dog 2 2016 040  Chris and Robin Rohwer

Central art exhibit 1  Liam in art class

Summer Rose Tea, Saturday, August 6, 2016 

Art ctr tea 064  photo  Brenda Logan won Best Hat at an FCAC Tea

The only traditional annual FCAC event still held every year is the Summer Rose Tea.  We hope to keep this tradition going indefinitely. At least rain cannot infringe upon our plans like it has so many times for outdoor events! We believe there will always be members, friends, and family who enjoy getting together for tea, sandwiches, and desserts, dressing up a little, maybe wearing either silly or nice hats, and spending the afternoon together with some good music and possibly a fashion show and a silent auction This year, we will be lucky enough to have all of the features named above! Judy Gardner of the Silk Purse will bring fashions to talk about and for you to buy if desired. We’ll have guitar music by LeGrand Music Studio. We will have the traditional awards for the “Best Hat” and the “Best Decorated Table.” We’d like to keep the table size to six at people each table so that we aren’t too crowded. MEN and WOMEN both are invited. Children can attend, but be sure the child is at least 8 years old and really is comfortable sitting at a table for an hour or so. Wear nice summer clothes, not jeans and t-shirts, please. Hats are encouraged, but they are optional. We will have a small selection of Silent Auction items; credit cards will be accepted.

Please contact Sylvia Williams now if you would like to decorate a table or if you would like to reserve a table for you and your guests. The cost to attend is $25 per person, $150 for a table of six. (Email the Director to make reservations, to volunteer for table decorating, to donate auction items, or to ask questions:; (865)357-2787.) We also WELCOME volunteers to prepare goodies for the tea, either sandwiches or desserts. RSVP reservations NOW!

 FCAC Annual Open Show Brings in New Artists and Fresh Ideas!

Friday, June 24, we had a great reception for the 11th Annual Open Show. The show is full of excellent work, but you will have to come by to view it! It will be on exhibit through July 21. Awards were:

– Best of Show: watercolor by Paula Browning, “Mountain Sunshine and Celtic Music”

– 1st Place: watercolor by Michael Pardee, “Winter Night, Downtown Knoxville II”

– Director’s Award: acrylic by Rachel Nelson, “Baby Caw Caw”

– 2nd Place: mixed media by Donna Strunk, “Kitty’s Pearls”

– 3rd Place: Bebe DeBord, oils, “Lakeside Frog Chorus”

– Honorable Mentions:

– Robin Rohwer, oils, “Wonky Garage”

– Chris Rohwer, photography, “Honfleur Harbor”

– Kerry Osborne, watercolor, “Swarm Catcher”

– Ellen Bebb, acrylics, “Margaret’s Poppies II”

– Chico Osten, silver jewelry with ruby

– Rebecca Nichols, crocheted yarn, “Roasted Turkey”

Open Photography Competition and Exhibition July 29 – August 26, 2016

We are so excited about holding the first all-photography open show ever this summer at the Fountain City Art Center! “Open show” means that entering, competing, and exhibiting photography are open to EVERYONE! Guidelines and entry forms are available now at the Fountain City Art Center, by email or regular mail: ; (865)357-ARTS; FCAC, 213 Hotel Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37918. Photographers would need to apply by no later than Friday, July 15, 2016.

Entries will be accepted at the Art Center from 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Entry fees are $15 per entry for Art Center members and $20 for nonmembers. Up to three framed and matted photos may be entered. White or black mats and simple frames, preferably black, are requested. Both black and white and color photos may be entered. Photos must be printed on photographic paper, not canvas. The size range should be no less than 8” x 10” and no more than 12.5” x 16.5”.

Subject matter must be family friendly since we have some very young exhibit viewers. Categories will include the following: Wildlife, Human Interest, Landscape, Still Life, Architecture, and Digitally Altered. Prizes will be $100 for the winner in each category and $200 for “Best of Show,” any category. Up to six Honorable Mentions will be awarded $25 each. Our judges will be Barry Seaton and Clay Thurston. Photographs in the show may be sold, checks payable directly to the photographer, or the entries may be NFS (not for sale). The Art Center will not take a percentage of any sales, but contributions to help with reception expenses, etc., would be most welcome.



Join Us Tuesday Nights at FCAC 

Remember that on Tuesday nights, a really great set of members gets together in the back room from around 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM, no charge, just “open studio.” Part of the time attendees bring their own project of any kind, whether it is painting, beading, making a book, knitting, crocheting, sewing, or whatever they want to work on. Sometimes, one person has something new to share and might bring materials for a project which is not mandatory, of course. Most of all, these members are terrific, creative, enthusiastic people who have a lot of fun being together. All FCAC members are welcome. If interested, email Bob Meadows:

Our Heroes! Let’s Hear It for the Guys!

       This quarter, Gary Henderson, Stan Kelly, Bob Meadows, John Peterson, Jim Tumblin and Andy LeGrand all contributed their time, their talents, and their toil for FCAC! According to his wife, Sharon Henderson, Gary bought 14 pounds of hamburger for his seven-hour chili served with hot dogs at the FCAC booth in the Park on Memorial Day. Can you image cooking all that chili? Can you imagine how hard it was to stand over the chili and hot dogs in the hot park? It is far from the first time that Gary has made chili for the Art Center. Remember all the Art-a-palooza chili booths? Sharon and Jan Bolus and two of their girlfriends helped Gary serve and sell the chili this year to benefit FCAC. They sold almost 200 hot dogs and could have sold more if supplies had not run out. We also appreciated Jim Tumblin who was on hand in the Park to sign his fascinating new history book about the Fountain Citians who made the most impact on the community from its beginnings up to and just beyond WWII. Jim has allowed us to benefit from the sales of his book, for which we are profoundly grateful. Books are still available for $25 each at FCAC. We thank Bob Meadows, Margaret Sidenstick, Melinda Davis, Alice Woody, Marsha Layman, Carmen Burgos, and Mary Secrist for spending all day in the Art Center May 30 offering wonderful art and craft activities to visitors young and old. We also thank Sue Lane and Charlotte Walton for “anchoring” the desks in FCAC and PODG; and we thank Leslie Feulner and Toni Nicholson for additional volunteer help on that day.

Stan Kelly pulled off a first for the Art Center! We have never had a golf tournament as a fund raiser, but Stan put on a very successful FCAC Par-3 Golf Tournament at Beverly Place Golf Course off Tazewell Pike on Saturday morning, June 18. He spent several months seeking sponsors and players for the event. Christine Harness made barbecue pork, and Mary Secrist and Polly Kelly helped serve the players after the tournament. One of the players, Brantley Hayes won $300 worth of food at Chipotle’s, no strings attached! He was thrilled! The event netted over $2,000 for FCAC. Well, done, Stan!

On June 11, after a one-week rain delay, the much anticipated Cocktail Party and Concert was held at Ivy Hill Farm, the home of our generous host, John Peterson. Bob Meadows had made the most outstanding spread of hors d’oeuvres ever gobbled down by Art Center guests at any event. Andy LeGrand, Chris Brock, John Wade, and Debi Libby played for several hours outside under a tent in the heat and humidity. These musicians deserve our deepest thanks along with Bob, John, and our bartender, Ann Atkins. Those who stayed late got to see the horses in action. Our horse experts Aurora and Earl Bull were impressed, especially since this was their first trip to Ivy Hill Farm. John took everyone on a tour of his entire collection of beautiful artwork and “objets d’art.” All present declared the event an unmitigated success.

music 002

LeGrand Music Studio Continues to Grow!

Our community has an incredible resource and a true asset in LeGrand Music Studios. If you would like to join the Community Choir or enroll in music lessons, contact Andy LeGrand: (865) 686-2067,; or  The choir meets Tuesday evenings at Fountain City Art Center. Music lessons are available in guitar, piano, voice, violin, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, clarinet, French horn, and flute. Andy has contacts for other instrumental lessons as well.

 heart tree 001     Shuirr fam., charlotte, diane, etc 003

Super volunteer Charlotte Walton!

“Love Your Art Center” Tree Brings the “Necessities” to the Art Center

Charlotte Walton has been our determined “Angel with a Mission” all this year. First, she organized a drive to get members to sign up with Kroger for the Community Rewards Program which gives cash to a 501( c )3 of a shopper’s choice by setting aside one half percent for every $100 spent. The money is then sent to the charitable organization at the end of each quarter. Thank you everyone who signed up last year! We averaged about $500 per quarter. However, shoppers must sign up again every August. If you shop at Kroger and still haven’t signed up to help, contact Charlotte Walton ( or Sylvia Williams ( if you need help. You can sign up by phone: Call 1-800-576-4377 in August and select option 3. It costs you nothing and it does not affect your fuel points!

Charlotte also started the Angel Tree at Christmas and converted it to a “Love Your Art Center” after Christmas. Big thanks to all the people who bring items in, (some that we don’t know about if we don’t see them come in with the items.) thank you to at least some of them: Charlotte, of course, and also Liz Curry, Penny Berridge, Marilyn Ivey, Sue Maniez, Bob Lieb who also gave us a new coffee pot for the back classroom, Sharon and Gary Henderson who are giving us a new coffee pot for the front entrance area, Marsha Layman who is constantly donating thoughtful items we didn’t even realize we needed, Margaret Sidenstick, and many more members! Our greatest need continues to be for ink cartridges, black or tri-color, HP inkjet 61; and toner cartridges, HP 85A.

New Volunteer Dave Sprague is an FCAC expert already,

and makes everyone feel welcome!

Dave Sprague, New FCAC Volunteer 001


Contact Sylvia Williams if you would be interested in volunteering for one or more days a week at the Art Center front desk or the Parkside Gift Shop desk. We especially need Friday afternoon volunteers!; (865)357-2787